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POE Gateway / PoE6 / PRO6E / 6Plus / Max7

Ditch the Dead Spots and Buffering: Unleash the Power of EERO

Tired of dead zones and buffering in your home? Say goodbye to those frustrating Wi-Fi woes with EERO, the leading mesh Wi-Fi system that delivers seamless, reliable internet throughout your entire home. No matter how remote the corner, EERO’s powerful mesh nodes work together to blanket your space in strong, consistent Wi-Fi, ensuring every device stays connected, all the time.

Image of EERO mesh wifi system

EERO doesn’t just stop at eliminating dead zones. Their intuitive app makes managing your network a breeze. From setting up parental controls to prioritizing bandwidth for specific devices, you’ll have complete control over your home network with just a few taps. Plus, EERO’s advanced security features keep your family safe online, giving you peace of mind knowing everyone is protected.

With EERO, you can finally enjoy the internet the way it was meant to be: fast, reliable, and accessible everywhere in your home. Ditch the frustration and upgrade your Wi-Fi experience today with EERO.

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