Luxul offers many benefits but, to me (Blake) I like to focus on these 3 main highlights that matter the most to a custom installer.

1. Performance: The Luxul product series is dedicted to offering Seamless Roaming for your customers. The performance is worlds better than using a cloud based system or a mesh network.

2. Support: Luxul offers fast a friendly Tech Support that can help any level of Network Installer get the system up an drunning quickly and efficiently. Luxul understands that the CI Dealers time is money! When you need field support Luxul takes the cake!

3. Profitability: The Luxul product line is designed and purpose built to be sold through Authorized Distribution. This helps to ensure that your access to the product is with people who are only selling to professionals and not your customers or online. Luxul strives to have clean distribution so that your profits are protected.