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  • (April 17) Zapco has been added to our product mix! 12Volt at AED is all about quality and performance!
  • (Feb 17) Atrend Subwoofer Enclosures are In Stock Today! Log In to see pricing on current stock.
  • (Feb 17) Atrend Subwoofer Enclosures are coming soon! Check with us for your subwoofer boxes!
  • (Jan 17) CES 2017 will bring all kinds of great tech to AED! See the Link about the new Sony OLED's!!! LINK
  • (June 16) SONY is now at AED! Call today to get pricing on the best from Sony!
  • (May 16) Pioneer Connect Smart Rebate Starts 5/6/2016. Click Here for the Rebate Form
  • (April 16) PANAMAX is now available at AED!!! 
  • (April 16) AED is proud to announce SUNFIRE Subwoofers are In Stock! The HRS and SDS Series Products!!!!
  • (April 16) Pioneer NEX products are in Stock Today!
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