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(March 18) Sony Commercial Projectors are now available. Laser, Lamp, Short Throw, Long Throw, and More options are available with Sony Quality. Check out the All New Dealer Price Guide. Log In Today!

(Jan 18)Sony 10% Off All In Stock Sale starts Friday January 26th and ends January 30th, 2018(Jan 18)All New Pioneer 2018 Headunits will start to arrive in February! Call today to Preorder for your store.

(Jan 18) Uniden Pro Series Security products have been updated for 2018! Come to AED Bham to see our latest stock on XVR's, NVR's, 2MP, and 4MP Cameras! #UnidenProSeries

(Jan 18) More Scosche, More Kits, More Wire, and More Accessories! Scosche is a proud AED 12Volt brand and if you need to try a kit with a factory finish. Look no further than Scosche. #BestFinishEVER