Pioneer A Series speakers have been upgrading and enhancing vehicle systems since 1990. The year after year reliability, affordability, and obvious audio upgrades make the Pioneer A Series a GO-TO for today’s 12volt retailer. The 6.5″ and 6″x9″ come with installation brackets that are commonly sought after to help speed up installations and provide a rock-solid foundation for the speakers install. The sizes and fitments are meticulously designed to facilitate faster installation. Lastly, the Pioneer A Series for 2023 have been purpose designed for the listening styles of today’s listener. The customers are seeking these primary benefits when looking for new speakers to enhance their cars audio system. 

  1. More Volume
  2. More Bass
  3. Affordability

The Pioneer A Series are built to do just that. Add Pioneer A Series to your store mix today. I guarantee you will find that Pioneer is bringing a top quality product that is difficult to beat. The production quality and materials science that Pioneer provides is nothing less than world-class.